Hydrant Flushing Information

2024 Hydrant Flushing

Voting District:Dates:
District 3 - COMPLETE
3/25 - 4/3
District 5  - COMPLETE4/4 - 4/12  
District 1 - ONGOING4/15 - 4/24
District 29/3 - 9/20
Districts 4 & 6 (west of Crescent Ave.)9/23 - 10/8
District 6 (east of Crescent Ave.)10/9 - 10/21

The Water Department will flush hydrants from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Residents may experience some discoloration in their water, which is a result of the settling of naturally found minerals in water. The remedy is to let the water run for a short time to clear up. The Borough will not be held liable for any clothes that are damaged due to the flushing program. PLEASE NOTE: Even if your street has been completed, you may still experience discoloration in your water. If the problem persists, please call 201-652-5300 ext. 240.

District 1 Hydrant Flushing has been completed for the following roads:

Bergen Ave
Grand Ave
Highwood Ave
Mackay Ave
Moore Ave
North Street
Summit Ave