Crossing Guard

Job Title: Crossing Guard

Hours: Full or Part Time

Job Description:

School Traffic Guards (Crossing Guards) play an important role in the lives of children who walk or bike to
school. Responsibilities include aiding children in safely crossing the street, and through their example, crossing
guards help children develop the skills necessary to cross streets safely. In addition, crossing guards serve as a
visual alert to drivers about the presence of children.

Applicants for the position must be a citizen and resident of the State of New Jersey; be sound in body and of
good health; be of good physical condition, including sight, hearing, and ability to move and maneuver quickly
in order to avoid danger from errant vehicles; be of good moral character; and not been convicted of any
criminal offense involving moral turpitude.

Full Time and Part Time positions are both available. Appointment will be made as an Unclassified Appointment
pursuant to N.J.A.C. 4A:3-1.3.

Interested candidates should contact the Waldwick Police Department at 201-652-5700 or via email at

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