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PFAS Information

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) Substances in Drinking Water

Public Notices:


03-09-2024 Public Notice



12-08-2023 Public Notice - Repeat
09-07-2023 Public Notice - Repeat
06-09-2023 Public Notice - Repeat
04-25-2023 Water Treatment Timeline - Update
04-04-2023 NJ Environmental Infrastructure Finance Program USEPA Public Awareness of SRF Assistance Requirements
03-13-2023 Water Update
03-09-2023 Public Notice - Repeat


12-29-2022 Water Update - Timeline
12-09-2022 Public Notice - Repeat
10-11-2022 Water Treatment Timeline
09-30-2022 Public Notice
08-23-2022 Email Update - Financing
08-08-2022 Email Update - Timeline
06-30-2022 Public Notice
03-30-2022 Public Notice


12-29-2021 Public Notice
09-07-2021 Public Notice
08-25-2021 Well 6/Veteran's Park Temporary Treatment Update
06-08-2021 Public Notice
05-13-2021 Public Notice
03-01-2021 Public Notice
03-10-2021 Water Quality Meeting Presentation
03-10-2021  Water Quality Meeting Audio

Well Construction Updates:

We will post notices, progress reports and any relevant information here.
03-25-24: Notice to Residents - Vessels
02-20-24: Notice to Malcolm St. & Duncan St. Residents- Water Main & Major Construction to Start 2/22
09-27-23: Notice to Malcolm St. & Duncan St. Residents on Construction Activities
October 2023: Light construction work has started at various well locations, including concrete foundations and tree work
Litigation Information: Aqueous Film-Forming Foams (AFFF) Products Liability Litigation MDL No. 2873

You can follow along with the case here:

The Borough has authorized the Filing of a Claim by Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer P.A. in Regards to PFOS Litigation on Behalf of the Borough of Waldwick. The Borough is desirous in pursuing their claims and seeking reimbursement for the money that will be spent in treating for PFOS and other chemicals that have caused to enter the public water supply and caused the Borough to expend said sums of money.

PFNA, PFOA, PFOS  Quarterly Testing Results

1st QTR 2024 -  Waldwick PFAS Testing Results

Our professional staff and technical experts will provide information and answer questions about what we are doing to ensure our residents are provided with quality drinking water.

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